Life happened…..

I am preparing for an examination, that’s why I am too occupied to weave something for everyone to read. As much as I miss writing, cracking this exam is very important for my future.

I am trying to find a time slot for fullfiling my addiction which is ofcourse writing. Growing up, Life happens and priorities need to be changed. Bitter but true 🙂

Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold…..

( The below written blog purely contains my own thoughts, perspective and opinion towards certain people and happenings. They are not written to hurt or trigger anybody.)

The Nobel Peace Prize.

One fine day as I was browsing through my little bookcase, I laid my hands on “We are Displaced” by Malala Yousafzai.

Brainstorming session.

Immediately my brain snapped at me with questions like: Is Malala irrelevantly hyped up? Has she really been working for her cause, after getting the Nobel peace prize? Don’t get me wrong ,back during college when I purchased the book, I instantly became a head over heels fan of Malala. But growing up,my perspective changed and so did my thoughts about her.

Needless to state why Malala was awarded with the Nobel peace prize. The fact that she displayed immense bravery can’t be denied at all. But according to my knowledge Nobel peace prize laureates have always been known for their remarkable works in their respective fields.

Kailash Satyarthi has been advocating against child labour and for universal right to education since 1980. He alongwith his team has rescued 90,000 children from child labour in India. He is making a difference in the lives of children from India and across 103 other countries as well.

As you dig deeper into the history of Nobel peace prize laureates, gems like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela worked fiercely for their cause till the last breath.

Please don’t conclude that I am comparing Malala with anyone, rather then comparision its a mere expectation from her to work more precisely for women of her nation as well as of the world.

For women struggling for their rights and education, she is their voice, an inspiration. Presently she is living in Birmingham U.K. , how is she able to relate herself to the girls living in disastrous conditions in her own state and country? After recovering, she should have returned to Pakistan, this way she would have set and example for those looking at her with eyes full of hope.

Once she tweeted : Pakistan is a safe place and other teams should start playing there. She desperately tried to modify the image of her nation. But the irony is- residing far away from motherland in completely different environment and tweeting such,aren’t working well together.

She travels across the globe, delivering speeches, meeting world leaders. In my opinion she should try to do more efficacious work that can help women in making the world a better place for them.

Formerly she became a whistle-blower and drawn the attention of whole world towards Taliban and their deeds in Swat Valley. But now she is a well recognized voice, who can do far better then delivering speeches.

Malala is lucky enough to enjoy the glitter of name and fame, if she will try to use it with more wisdom for the needy she can turn herself into gold.

The thing that is glittering will become gold as well.

Staring, Scrolling & Discovering….

Something can be more interesting,

if it is not accepted immediately.

John F. Nash. JR.

The above quoted text is the real, raw human tendency. Whichever thought, deed ,good or bad is not immediately accepted. It automatically becomes interesting in some way or another. These are my personal thoughts which popped up in my mind as soon as I read the quote. What does your brain thinks when you read this quote?? Please share.